Price List

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Stereo Mastering:                           88€

Multitrack (Stem)   Mastering A:   111€ (4 stereo groups)

Multitrack (Stem)   Mastering B:   199€ (8 stereo groups)

Mixing & Mastering : Price on request

Vinyl,  MFIT, Video versions: 10€ 

All prices are per track.

Transfer from DAT tapes : 25 EUR per hour of material

Master CD sequencing & DDP creation: 50 - 80 EUR

Revisions for updated/modified mixes are 20 Eur per track, otherwise are free of charge.

Top quality MP3s - 320kBps resolution for on-line stores&radio station distribution  are  included with every master file.

Please notify me about the final reproduction format (CD or vinyl) because of slightly different mastering techniques

Payment by bank transfer if you are from EU otherwise with  PayPal. 

Un-edited, artist approved masters are delivered only after full  payment.